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Kate Sikavica


Kate Sikavica is an “academic gone techie”: After more than a decade teaching corporate governance at several Universities in Switzerland, Germany and the U.S. she is now working as the Head of Customer Success at Sherpany, Switzerland – a company that produces and sells online solutions to boards and shareholders.

Kate has explored the field of corporate governance from a variety of perspectives, ranging from theory to consulting to software. As an academic and Affiliated Researcher at the University of Zurich, Switzerland, she is investigating ownership in organizations. Beyond shareholdings and property rights, she is striving to understand the cognitions and emotions underlying ownership and the implications thereof for organizational members’ behavior. Kate‘s investigations cut across organizational layers to include investors, directors, managers, and employees.

As a former Director of Business Development at Korn Ferry, the world’s largest Executive Search and Talent Management Company, she has advised boards on a number of topics ranging from how to assemble the right mix of skills and talent to how to be more effective in working together. In this role, she has also developed a framework called “strategic shareholder management”, a toolbox for boards to anticipate shareholder activism and reach alignment with activists and investors.

In her current position, she is helping boards transitioning to the digital era. As the Head of Customer Success at Sherpany, one of the market leaders for board software in Continental Europe, she is advising Chairmen and the Corporate Secretary Office in how to manage change associated with digital meeting management, decision making, and shareholder relations.

Kate holds an MA in communication science (University of Zurich, Switzerland) and a PhD in international management (University of St. Gallen, Switzerland). She is the recipient of the Swiss National Science Foundation and the European Union’s Marie Curie IEF fellowships. Furthermore, she received part of her training and conducted investigations at the Kellogg School of Management (NWU), the W.P. Carey School of Business (ASU), and the Wharton School (UPenn).

For more information visit: https://katesikavica.com/

Chapter 3 co-author with Kate Sikavica in the book: Shareholder Empowerment – A New Era in Corporate Governance,   Editors: Goranova, Maria, Ryan, Lori Verstegen

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