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Paul Moxey

Ppaul-moxeyaul Moxey is Visiting Professor of Corporate Governance at London South Bank University. He works with boards and executive teams in assessing and improving their culture and governance and risk management practices to improve organisational performance and resilience.  He is also co-chairman of the CRSA Forum, a network of practitioners established in 1994 interested in the behavioural and cultural aspects of risk, governance and organisational performance. The use of workshops to consider corporate objectives in an uncertain environment was a key component of the Control and Risk Self Assessment methodology that he developed in the late 1990s. He is a skilled workshop facilitator and applied this methodology in the 1990s in many NHS hospital trusts and health authorities.

Paul is a chartered accountant and earlier in his career he was a company secretary and CFO of a small UK listed company and then a larger unlisted company with 5,000 staff.

Publications include:

Corruption and Incentives. To be published by Transparency International in September 2016

The public good and capitalism. Capitalism and the concept of the ‘public good’

Culture and channelling corporate behaviour Culture and Channelling Corporate Behaviour Summary of Findings

Creating value through governance: towards a new accountability.  . Creating value through governance

Risk and reward: tempering the pursuit of profit. Risk and Reward tempering the pursuit of profit

Corporate governance and the credit crunch. . Corporate Governance and the Credit Crunch

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